Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System

  NBEMS is an Open Source software suite that allows amateur radio operators  to reliably send and receive data using nearly any computer (Windows,  Mac,  and Linux) and any analog radio without requiring a dedicated  digital  infrastructure or specialized modem hardware.

Fldigi is a sound card digital modem program for Linux/Fre-BSD/XP/W2K/NT/Win  7/OS X. It is very user friendly and easy to implement. It is FREE as in no cost to the user. It will work with almost all modes from CW to  Thor-22.It is part of a suite of programs that have become a defacto  standard for emergency communications. The support of emergency  communications by W1HJK and his team of volunteer programmers has been  nothing short of  outstanding.

 Source Forge

Link to Fldigi downloads, only need fldigi, flmsg, flwrap and flamp (flarq will automatically installed with fldigi)


Link to Fldigi Configuration Check List


Link to Fldigi Configuration Check List
for ver. 4.1.9 and higher (New)

Using FLMsg

A PDF on Prepairing and Transmitting messages using FLDigi


Link to the program for calibrating your sound card


Fldigi Tutorial

A direct link to the video that can be downloaded


Right click on link, Choose "Save Link As...".
This form goes into “C:\Users\(YOUR ACCOUNT)\NBEMS.files\CUSTOM” folde

SignaLink Levels

This video shows setting up sound levels for HF and VHF/UHF radios,
by Rick Frost K4REF


Although it’s not NBEMS, it will allow those setup for Fldigi, to use their
 sound  interface for packet use. No need for the hardware TNC.
This was the software our Radio Officer mentioned, in the June Newsletter

UZ7HO Software

 Link to UZ7HO’s site:
The software Packet-Radio TNC
You will need soundmodem(xxx).zip  &  easyterm(xx).zip


UZ7HO Tutorial

This PDF will walk you through setting up Soundmodem and EasyTerm